Our energy plans are designed to remove the upfront and ongoing costs associated with owning a commercial solar system.



With our energy plans you can deliver green energy for less than your current electricity rate. This works in conjunction with your existing electricity contract.


Not only do you save on your existing electricity rates, you have the security of locked in pre-determined payments from day one.

K2 Solar helped International Moulded Plastics save $25,000 per year with $0 upfront cost.

K2 Solar was approached by International Moulded Plastics, injection moulders and toolmakers. They were very keen to reduce their high annual electricity bill. 

K2 Solar designed an 80kW system utilising high quality ABB inverters that took 6 weeks to install. The site had some specific needs such as extra frames to secure against a strong southerly wind. The whole system will pay for itself over 4 years, at a saving of $25,000 per year in electricity costs.

K2 Solar and our partners offer a number funding options with energy plans designed to remove the upfront and ongoing costs associated with owning a commercial solar system. Contact us to find out more.


IKEA Canberra, the largest rooftop Solar system in the ACT.

K2 Solar’s installation partner, Red8 Roofing, installed the roofing system on this new Ikea store. This is one of the largest projects K2 Solar has undertaken to date.

A 500kW system that generates 795MWh/year was installed saving 800 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Contact us today to save on your existing electricity rates, and enjoy the security of locked in pre-determined payments from day one. With online 24/7 monitoring it means guesswork is removed from the equation, so there is no risk of the system under performing. Get a quote today.



24/7 monitoring takes the guesswork out of the equation. There is no risk of the system under performing.



Our solar systems are custom designed to take advantage of each site’s unique position and opportunities.


Equipment breakdown is not your problem, with no upfront capital cost you are free to invest your funds elsewhere.