K2 Solar Australia designs, builds and installs Commercial Solar Energy Systems for businesses throughout New South Wales.

Combining the latest state-of-the-art technology along with specialist knowledge, our dedicated team will develop the most cost effective system for your facility to ensure reliability, productivity, financial performance and environmental benefits.

We can provide both traditional crystalline silicon solar panels and the latest thin films solar panels for almost any application. 

K2 Solar’s partnerships with major roofing companies and solar finance providers bring a unique capability to the solar industry. These partnerships enable us to better serve the needs of commercial customers with tailored installation and finance options.


Camden Council Oran Park Administration Centre

K2 Solar has won work at the Camden Council Oran Park Administration Centre and it is almost complete! Check out how amazing this project is coming together by the K2 Solar Team!! FACT: This Solar System is a 99kW system; using fronius inverters and the schletter...

K2 Solar is ready to Exhibit

The Sydney Build Exhibition is in full swing! Currently being held at Australian Technology Park from today 9:30AM – 5:30PM and Friday 11th of March 9:30AM-4:30PM. Come down and say hello to the K2 Solar team!       ...

Sydney Build – K2 Solar Expo

K2 Solar is exhibiting at the Sydney Build Expo that is taking place at the Australian Technology Park. Date: 10th & 11th of March 2016 Attending the event is the best way to learn about K2 Solar’s latest projects, plans, products and solutions for construction,...

K2 Solar can seamlessly design, install, and maintain both the solar PV and roofing system on new or existing buildings. Our warranty and support services cover both the solar PV system and roofing system saving our customers time and money.The benefits of a commercial solar system with K2 Solar include:

By investing in solar you can virtually eliminate your electricity bill. Companies can apply for renewable energy credits and we will provide you with a payback period upon quoting your system.

Show your customers you care about the environment and are willing to invest in the future.

As commercial solar systems have no moving parts and require minimal maintenance.

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Time lapse video of K2 Solar Commercial Solar Installation for IKEA, Canberra